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WHEN TO GO- Semuliki National Park

Semuliki National park can be visited at any time throughout the year. It is advisable to visit the park in dry seasons like from June to early September than during the rainy season because some places flood with water since it is the park is in the valley, this can give some difficulty to do certain activities.


The park receives an average amount rainfall of 1,250mm; this is in the months of March up to May and from September up to December. As earlier said, during the wet seasons most places flood with water. The temperature rate in the park usually changes from 18°C to 30°C, temperatures in the southern part of Semuliki are higher. The park has Hot springs famously known as the Sempaya Hot springs, giving it a nice scenic look. The Hot springs bubble water up from the lowest point under Sempaya this is an amazing feature to watch.

semuliki entrance cost

Before travel you should make sure for whatever activity you are to do in Semuliki National park is booked in advance, and concerning the tariffs especially for activities and park entry fees, it important to contact UWA on their tariff sheet since the prices might vary over time.


Make sure as you set off for your trip, you have all the equipments needed for various activities such as binoculars for birding, other requirements include; light rain coats, bottled water, hats, sturdy shoes, sun glasses, long-sleeved shirts especially if you are to do hiking and chimpanzee tracking.


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