Semuliki Sempaya Hot Springs


The Sempaya hot springs are found in the Semiliki River which forms an international boundary of Uganda and DR Congo, this river is in Albertine Rift valley beneath Bundibugyo escarpments and it flows from Lake Edward and pours in Lake Albert.


The hot springs are in two places where by on is referred to a male and the other a female; the male hot spring is called Bitende and is approximately 12 meters in width. While the female hot spring is called Nyasimbi and it gushes out water approximately 2 meters in the air.


Apart from birding, these hot springs are a well known attraction in the park; they have interesting boiling water which is gushed out from beneath forming a cloud which can be seen 2 kms away from them. These hot springs have greatly drawn attention of travelers on a Ugandan safari; it is not only to Ugandans but also foreign tourists hence increasing the tourism industry revenues.

semliki hot springs


The hot springs is has small habits that favour most wildlife; this is added experience seeing a number of wildlife that have made the Semiliki River their source of water. These hot springs also provide salty minerals to different animals and have also drawn attention of many wetland birds making it one of the most bird spots in the Albertine rift valley.


There is a guided walk path from the tourist office to hot springs, the Sempaya hot springs are surrounded by palm trees, forests and steam inform of a cloud, these make the place look beautiful giving a visitor an unforgettable experience. Visitors to these hot springs are advised not to get closer to the two Sempaya hot springs since this water is too hot and boiling at a temperature of 100°C.

The path that leads to the hot springs goes through the forest whereby there is an opportunity to see various animals like the grey-cheeked mangabeys, the red tailed monkeys, the white and black colobus monkeys, also birds can be spotted such as red rumped, blue-breasted kingfisher, yellow throated tinker bird and the eight forest hornbills.


The people living next to hot springs used to cook food in these hot springs, even today one can still put an egg or matooke in the pools and they can boil and be ready for eating, an awesome experience.


There are also added activities one can do while at after viewing the beautiful Sempaya hot springs such as birding, chimpanzee tracking, nature walks and hikes, cultural encounters which involves visiting the surrounding villages among other things.





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