Accommodation in Semuliki

ACCOMMODATION- Semiliki National Park

The accommodation facilities in and near Semuliki National Park are not so many, though there are quite a number of lodges and hotels in Bundibugyo and Fortportal. These types of accommodation range from Luxurious/up market to Budget and camp sites.

Semuliki safari lodge

Semuliki safari lodge is located in the Semuliki valley. It is a luxury/up market lodge built and designed with local materials which gives it an authentic traditional look.

The lodge is comprised of canvas tents that are comfortable and each of the tents has en suite bathrooms with enough water and flush toilets, a private balcony and a nice view. These tents have enough space inside, with comfortable beds, nice blankets which give you a feeling as though you are home. The lodge also has a swimming pool on which one can relax and freshen up as he/she enjoys the beautiful view and the wonderful sound of the birds in the trees.

semuliki safari lodge

The lodge has skilled chefs that cook all foods, soups and anything you are in need of starting with breakfast, lunches and dinner, they are just on point.  Its staff is good and hospitable and gives attention to anything that concerns you.

While at Semuliki safari lodge you can do all activities that are available in the park. Enjoy the Semuliki valley at this lodge!

It is advisable to book rooms in advance. Other facilities here include; bar and restaurant, swimming pool and the lounge.

 Ntoroko game lodge

Ntoroko game lodge is situated on the shores of Lake Albert in the Semuliki forest and wildlife reserve. This lodge has an up market/ luxury setting however it also provides some accommodation for mid range travelers. There is a beautiful view and since it is on the shores one can easily chill on sand beaches of Lake Albert, watching the sunset is one of those amazing moments while here.

The rooms are comfortable with en-suite bathrooms, flush toilets, hand dryers, fans, toiletries, safes and are positioned with a great view of gardens and the lake. The rooms have beds of all sizes such as king beds, queen beds, twins beds, double beds among others.

The meals and the dining area in this lodge are just on point!

Kirumia Guesthouse

Kirumia guest house is located on the Bundibugyo highway that leads to town; 10km from Sempaya gate. It is found in Kirumia village just near the Kirumia trail.

While at this guesthouse you are in line to see various attractions like white and black colobus monkeys, birds, chimpanzees, the green vegetation, spectacular land space among others in the park. Meals are provided on time and also the rooms are good and affordable.

It is very possible to do all the activities such as chimpanzee trekking, birding, nature walks, visiting the Sempaya hot springs and many more while staying at this guest house.

Bumuga campsite

Since Semuliki national park doesn’t have very many accommodation facilities, there is also an a option of camping at Bumuga that is located approx 3km away from the Sempaya gate. While here you can make orders for meals or you can make your own meals, if you are in need of utensils or any other cooking materials they can be hired from the people in charge of the site.

Camping in the wild gives a life time experience since it is not something that is done on a daily basis, while that this site still all activities are accessibly done.

There are also other accommodations that can be used and are located in Fortportal and Bundibugyo away from the park such as Crater safari lodge that is about 30 miles away, mountains of the moon hotel, and Rwenzori view guest house among others.

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